Many people say that one of the saddest days of their lives, is the day that doing drugs or getting drunk stopped being fun and started to become a chore. Instead of being an escape to serenity, it has become another bill, another headache, another necessity and it’s adding up and getting worse by the day. It may have started however it started, maybe you were born into alcoholism, maybe the cool kids were passing it around at a party in high school and you wanted to fit in, or maybe you’re trying to get over a tragic loss, or maybe even your own doctor prescribed it to you. It doesn’t matter how it started, all you know is that you are not yourself lately, you feel real alone from it, and you’re more than upset with who you are these days and who you might become.

Treatments are out there for you, and for whatever you’re going through. The anticipation of different treatments is much worse than the actual treatment. It may seem as if it will be an incredibly embarrassing thing for you to do, but it’s not, and definitely not as embarrassing as becoming an angry, desperate, shell of yourself one-day due to becoming a slave to your addiction. It’s not weak to admit you need help, and it’s definitely not weak to actually seek out the treatments that will help you.

Remember there is no tomorrow as far as addiction is concerned, today is the day. The issues aren’t getting any better and they won’t go away until you take the appropriate steps for them to do so, face them, embrace them, and conquer them. Let us help you. There is no better feeling than what you’ll feel on the day you walk out of one of our treatments with the smile and pride of someone who just took control over their own life.


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Treatment Initiation. This is when either you reach out to help your loved one or they reach out for help from you. The entire treatment process starts right here. It is going to prove difficult, as these might be the first few days where the drug is no longer consumed, and this can make the detox process rather difficult for many individuals.

treatment phase 1


Early Abstinence. After detoxing from the drug, the negative side effects of the body often dissipate, but the mind starts to kick in as it tells the body it needs the drugs. An addiction counselor is going to help with this situation and it is going to make it that much easier to get through it. The staff at the treatment center is also going to work with your loved one so they have the tools to succeed once they leave the facility.

treatment phase 2


Maintaining Abstinence. Depending on the facility, the individual might move home at this point, or they might move out into a different location, where there are fewer rules, but still guidance. This often depends on the severity of the addiction at the start of the treatment process. The main goal of this stage is to avoid a relapse. There are many signs of a possible relapse, which is why the previous stages are important to learn from, as the treatment staff is going to provide information regarding these signs and how to avoid them.

treatment phase 3


Advanced Recovery. This doesn’t occur until about the five-year mark. The advanced recovery stage indicates that the individual has essentially come completely clean and, while they might still consider consuming an alcohol beverage or feels a small desire occasionally to try the drug again, it is easy enough to pass on the fleeing moment and continue on with their improved lives.

treatment phase 4

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