Psychotherapy refers to a treatment used by a trained professional to help a person who is suffering from a mental health issue. Known as talk therapy, it includes a number of psychotherapies to treat individuals with mental illness by helping them understand their disorder. It teaches the person the strategies they need to manage their symptoms and take control of their life.


During this treatment process the trained professional will develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient and discuss constructive ways to help him or her to deal with their problems. The patient learns to understand their disorder better and to manage their feelings so they can deal with their daily routines. It is goal-oriented treatment to help the person achieve the changes he or she desires.


The treatment plan can involve working solely with the individual, include their family or in a group setting with others who also have the same issues. Depending on the needs of the individual, he or she may receive one form or several forms of psychotherapies in their treatment plan.


While the list of psychotherapies available is extensive, because no two people are alike and there is no one treatment that fits all. There are some that are used more commonly among professionals for being effective forms of treatment. Here are two common types of psychotherapies used for treating people and a brief description of each:


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