When it seems like there is nothing left to hold on to, faith is the one thing many recovery addicts are able to grasp. Our professionals here at Your Life Recovery Center recognize the fact that for some people, faith is an integral part of their recovery. Through exploring their faith, addicts are able to fill the void they previously were filling with their addiction. Because we are aware how monumental this can be in recovery, we offer faith-based services that include Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Buddhist faiths.

Benefits of Choosing Faith-Based Services

Here at Your Life Recovery Center, we understand that the human body is made of a physical, an emotional, and a spiritual side. Throughout recovery we want to ensure the needs of all of these sides are being met. When choosing faith-based services during recovery, our professional team encourages recovering addicts to build up their spiritual side as they hold onto the truths of their faith. During the detoxification process, people feel vulnerable and alone. Faith can give recovering addicts a new hope and purpose as they learn how to restart their lives. Throughout the process, a recovering addict choosing faith-based services is encouraged to live out their faith by attending a nearby church which expresses their beliefs. Creating this habit of living out their faith, and with a renewed sense of purpose, patients often the peace and freedom from their addiction they weren’t able to find in any other treatment plans.


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Faith-Based Services at Your Life Recovery

At Your Life Recovery, we have professional counselors of many faiths. When choosing a faith-based approach, patients will benefit from a personal and group counselor who is of their faith. The counselors encourage patients to devote themselves to their faith as part of recovery. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous is a faith-based treatment support group. It encourages self-examination, meditation, and prayer as a way to create a foundation for a new life free from the addiction to alcohol.


To encourage recovering addicts to rely on their faith during this process, our dedicated staff goes out of its way to accommodate to the needs of the religious practice. As required, we take into consideration any dietary need, time schedules for prayer and meditation, and materials needed to practice the patient’s faith. It is our desire at Your Life Recovery Center to provide the best resources available to make this journey of recovery a success. For those choosing faith-based services this means pointing them to the higher power that is able to release them from the stronghold of addiction. Their faith will be interwoven in every facet of their treatment plan to promote optimal results. Peace and freedom from addiction are the result of choosing to pursue their faith as they journey through the recovery program.

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